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Dryer vent full of lint

Protect your home

with dryer vent cleaning

Reduce your risk of having a house fire

Dryers are the number one source of house fires - make sure that you are doing everything you can to prevent a tragedy from occurring by having your dryer vent cleaned annually by Rick's Appliance service.


Your dryer vent will be thoroughly and efficiently cleaned, which will not only lower your chances of having a house fire, but will also save you money because your clothes will dry faster, requiring less energy.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

After your dryer vent has been cleaned, your entire vent will be competently reassembled and then tested to ensure that it is operating properly for your convenience.

Warning signs:

• Clothes take longer to dry

• Your clothes and the outside of the dryer are very hot by the end of the cycle

Keep all of your appliances running smoothly

You will find all of the services you need to preserve your appliances and your budget, whether you need an immediate repair or a maintenance check, give us a call.

Dryer close up Dryer vent interior